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MedIntuitition.com is a tool for Jean Patrick Seguin Du Haime to help those in need of an alternate physical health diagnosis.  This intuitive diagnosis is offered entirely free of charge (*). 

Jean Patrick Seguin Du Haime strongly believes that a body that is in harmony will heal itself and encourages the use of traditional and alternative treatments. Revealing the trigger point of the illness, not the outward manifestation of the symptoms is the key for the intuitive diagnosis. As he states "It is likened to a pebble that triggers an avalanche of symptoms.  If I can see the pebble that started it all, the cure will follow".   As a medical intuitive, he believes that there is no such thing as an "incurable" disease.  "We may not fully comprehend the problem at this time, but all disease is curable".

Jean Patrick Seguin Du Haime does not try to cure these ailments; but simply acts as a conduit for awareness and guidance. The individual may then take that information and use it as their higher self guides them to do.  We may prevent unnecessary drastic surgeries, give hope to people who have little hope, help relieve or eliminate pain and burdens, but all of us are responsible for our own being. Also as a Medical Intuitive he does not believe that his insight in any way replaces conventional medicine and sees it as a complement.


 "We welcome you freely in the universal consciousness of health. We